Sparking Conversations, Igniting Action is a community bushfire resilience project working closely with 12 small neighbourhood groups across Clarence, Glenorchy, Hobart and Kingborough.

In Kingborough, our team will be working in Bonnet Hill, Leslie Vale and Longley. Each of these neighbourhoods is characterised by a different bushfire risk profile and the mix of people who call it home.

Within each neighbourhood our team will work with up to 200 households to explore ways of better preparing for bushfire.

Our team will also be hosting community events, like forums and workshops, to create and strengthen community connections that help to build resilience to bushfire.

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Kingborough Neighbourhood Characteristics

Bonnet Hill

Profile: This community has an urban/rural mix.
Bushfire risks: With large bushland areas to the north, and one main road running through the suburb, there are limited exit options during a bushfire. This neighbourhood is at heightened risk of ember attack and direct flame fronts.

Leslie Vale

Profile: A rural community almost entirely surrounded by bushland hills.
Bushfire risks: Limited exit routes during a bushfire, this community is particularly vulnerable to ember attack.


Profile: Rolling hills and large bushland areas are all part of this rural community.
Bushfire risks: Ember attack and direct flame fronts will impact this community during a bushfire, and with limited exit routes, this community is at heightened risk.

  • Book a Risk and Readiness Assessment

    Households within the project's target areas* are eligible to receive a free bushfire Risk and Readiness Assessment by one of our expert Community Fire Officers.

    This assessment will provide you with tailored actions you can take around your house to give it the best chance of surviving a bushfire. You'll also receive assistance to develop a bushfire survival plan. 

    Please complete this form and a member of our team will be in touch to inform you if you are eligible for an assessment, and if so, to book an appointment.

    *Please note that our target areas include approximately 150-200 houses in each suburb and do not include the whole suburb. Due to being a pilot project we are not able to book assessments for households outside of the target areas at this stage.