The safety of yourself and your loved ones is the most important thing to think about in the event of a bushfire.

The following resources will provide you with information that will help you to stay safe in a bushfire.


Preparing for bushfire involves more than your physical preparations around the house and garden. It also includes having a bushfire plan that can be enacted on days when the fire danger rating in your area is extreme or catastrophic, or in the event of a bushfire.

The following resources will help you think about and write your bushfire plan.


Bushfires can be scary, but learning about basic fire science can help you understand its behaviour and how to prepare.

The following resources will help you learn about bushfires, how they start and spread, and how they impact homes and neighbourhoods.


There are a number of ways that bushfire can damage or destroy houses. The most common is from embers landing on or near flammable materials around the house and garden and igniting spot fires. Direct flame contact from a bushfire can also ignite a house, while the heat created from a bushfire can ignite surfaces without direct flame contact or embers, and can damage parts of the house making them vulnerable to embers.  

The following resources will help guide your thinking about modifications you can make to your house to prepare it for bushfire.

*Note that even well-prepared homes can be destroyed by a bushfire. Survival must be your main priority. Leaving early will always be the safest option.


In many cases of house loss from bushfire, embers ignite vegetation in the garden which then spreads fire to the home. That’s why maintenance and garden design, particularly in the immediate vicinity of the home, can increase the chances of your house surviving a bushfire. This doesn’t mean clearing all of the vegetation around the home. There are ways to adapt your garden to make it more resilient to bushfire without losing the things you love most about it.  

Check out the following resources for ideas on how to prepare your garden for bushfire.